10 Symptoms Of Gout

Skin Peeling

When the tissue surrounding the inflicted joint starts to erode and weaken, the skin starts to stretch. This generates red, flaky, itchy skin that starts to peel. It may look more or less like a sunburn.

This condition commonly happens after the flare has gone on for a prolonged period of time. When the signs of gout are noticed, it means uric acid has been already formed in one or more of the joints for a long time. Therefore, once the pain hits, ask the doctor for medical advice. In certain cases, bleeding can also be noticed as a result of skin peeling and inflammation.

Pain At Night

It is not strange to get another gout attack during the year after you have previously encountered one.

There is a typical time for gout pain which is the night and sometimes even while sleeping. Accordingly, people enduring gout can wake up with horrendous pain in the middle of the night, taken away from that peacefulness and soundness of sleep. After all, keep in mind that gout is pretty unsystematic, meaning it can hit at any time but the pain is usually more severe at night.

If you’re going through a gout attack then any movement, like rubbing or crossing the legs can worsen the pain. Even a touch or a subtle movement of the person next to you can cause discomfort sometimes. And thus walking or standing can be excruciatingly painful.

 Hot Sensation

As with any inflammation, there will certainly be some warm feeling around the inflamed area. Heat, then, gets transferred to your skin like a fever or a hot flash. The skin will feel hot and especially where it is red. However, once the swelling goes down, the feeling of heat will also subside.

Thus, placing something cold like an ice pack over the area can help alleviate the feeling faster and bring the inflammation down. So if gout is something you deal with, then keeping a pack of crushed ice in your freezer is essential, so that whenever gout hits, wrap the pack with a towel and apply it for 30 mins. In addition to that, make sure you drink enough water as it helps flush the uric acid out of the body and lowers the risk of accumulating stones in the kidney. With that being said, you should be drinking around 16 cups of beverages a day, of which at least half is water.

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