15 Breakfast Foods That Can Ruin Your Day!

Sweet or highly refined cereals

Often marketed at children, but also favourites of many adults, are some breakfast cereals that you really wouldn’t expect to be unhealthy. Cereal is an easy, wholesome and nutritious way of filling up in the morning, ready to start the day. But only if they’re made with whole grains, and contain no added sugars.

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Popular puffed rice, honey coated nut cereals and frosted flakes (either big name brands or supermarket own brand equivalents) are so often made with shocking amounts of sugar. Aside from the health downsides of too much sugar, eating a sugary breakfast will only sustain us for a short time, while our blood is flooded with sugar.

Once this sugar has been digested, we’ll be left feeling hungry very quickly, and we’ll quite possibly reach for another unhealthy, sugary hit.

Opt instead for cereals that are made with whole grains and are rich in belly filling fibre that will help to sustain you until lunchtime. Choose shredded whole wheat cereals, corn flakes that aren’t coated in sugar, traditional porridge oats (that you need to make up yourself rather than the microwaveable ones that often have added sugary syrups) and no added sugar mueslis and granolas with or without added dried fruits.

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